Introducing the Trio VMS x IntelyCare Integration

Tap Into The Healthcare Gig Workforce with One Click

Trio VMS and IntelyCare join forces to enable healthcare facilities and clinicians to overcome workforce challenges and enhance patient care.

Healthcare Facilities and Clinicians Join Forces to Overcome Workforce Challenges and Improve Care

One of the most pressing challenges healthcare leaders face is overcoming workplace obstacles while elevating patient care. From unfilled shifts to the inability to find top-tier talent to scheduling issues, hospital systems and healthcare clinicians need a seamless, stress-free solution. That's why we integrated with IntelyCare, the largest W2 per-diem staffing agency in the U.S. By joining forces with this best-in-class, comprehensive healthcare workforce management platform, Trio has created a seamless technological integration, making filling shifts easier than ever before!

Read more to find out how you can introduce the gig economy into your healthcare talent management strategies.

Trio VMS x IntelyCare:
The Healthcare Gig Workforce At Your Fingertips

Now, you can access IntelyCare's W-2 per diem clinicians and leverage the power of Trio VMS within your everyday software, offering you several key benefits:

  • Faster fill times with local, fully credentialed, and ready-to-work clinicians.

  • Seamless identification of staffing gaps, optimized resource allocation, and improved cost management.

  • High-quality care from IntelyCare clinicians adhering to rigorous quality assurance protocols.

IntelyCare is the leading healthcare talent platform, connecting diverse care settings with the largest pool of qualified nurses. IntelyCare's temporary per diem staffing solutions allow facilities to supplement  their staff with local clinicians supported by our Quality Assurance team.

  • Largest W2 per diem staffing agency in the U.S.
  • Extensive experience, specialties, and skill sets
  • Ranked No. 1 for nursing quality by clients

Trio VMS is a vendor-neutral healthcare workforce management platform that revolutionizes staff deployment and management. It offers complete visibility into your talent network, ensuring the 
right clinician is placed in the right role at the right cost.

  • Workforce insights into staffing patterns and delivery network
  • Delivery metrics to optimize workforce
  • All-in-One Ecosystem: scheduling, billing, compliance, reporting, and timekeeping.

Contact us today to find out how this full-service integration can help you maintain critical coverage while also saving time and resources!

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