Built for healthcare recruiters by healthcare recruiters.

Insight ATS+ is our proprietary Applicant Tracking System. It is the only system on the market that integrates back office functions and recruiting tools into one dashboard for enterprise-level visibility and control.

Streamlining the staffing process from beginning to end.

Our team knows the in's and out's of the healthcare staffing industryand their expertise helped craft a best-in-class platform designed to make the recruitment lifecycle much easier.

Built for Healthcare Staffing

Insight ATS+ was purpose-built for the healthcare staffing industry. By taking a laser-focused approach on improving the staffing process, we've built a platform that can't be found elsewhere in this industry.

Automated Job Postings

Jobs are everything in the staffing business. With the Insight ATS+ job board, rest assured that your jobs are accurate and updated in real time.

Developed & Supported In-House

As a healthcare staffing executive, you need comprehensive analytics to make key decisions. Insight ATS+ provides robust analytics with the touch of a button.

About Insight ATS+

The Only Healthcare-Specific Applicant Tracking System

Insight ATS+ is AHTG’s proprietary applicant tracking system. Insight automates and integrates recruitment, selection, and onboarding processes. Insight transforms the way healthcare organizations acquire, retain, manage, and engage their workforce.


Tailored for the modern healthcare staffing agency

Insight ATS+ was created with a focus on candidate experience and usability. Owned, operated and supported in-house by our team, Insight is loaded with custom features to optimize your organization’s workflows.

Easy-to-Use Design

The job search can be complicated enough. We make it easy with a crisp, clean interface that was designed to make the onboarding process a breeze.

Timecard Collection with System Integrations for Payroll and Billing

The payroll process is cumbersome and rife with potential pitfalls, but that is no more with Insight. Timecard submission and payroll/billing processes can be supported with available integrations.

Targeted Communications with Candidates

You're busy. We know that. But so are your candidates. Getting in touch with them is made simple through mass communication integrations and removes the headache for you and your candidate.

Job Board/VMS Integration with One-Click-To-Submit

Submit your qualified candidates to open jobs with the click of a button.

It should be that easy, and now, it finally is.

State-of-the-art digital quote-to-confirmation

Insight ATS+ is the only healthcare staffing-specific platform to offer digital quote-to-confirmation. See it for yourself by requesting a demo below.

Robust, Centralized, Secure Online Credentialing

Insight ATS+ houses all credentialing documentation in our platform, ensuring your data is accurate and protected at all times.

Complete Management of Assignment Lifecycle

No need for multiple spreadsheets to manage the same process. Everything you need is at your fingertips.

Comprehensive, On-Demand Reporting and Analytics

As a healthcare staffing executive, you need comprehensive analytics to make key decisions. Insight ATS+ provides robust analytics with the touch of a button.