About us

Our Story.

American Health Technology Group was founded in 2017, but our roots extend long before that. We build technology solutions that empower our clients to control the most important aspects of their business.

Our vision.

Our vision when we founded AHTG was to be a best-in-class provider of software solutions that are purpose-built for the healthcare staffing space. What we found along the way is that our clients crave partnership.

Beyond our software, we provide our clients with best-in-class service. Our technology is high-tech, high-touch, and that means that you will always have a partner (namely, a real person) on our end that has the interests of your organization at top of mind. What AHTG provides in this area cannot be found elsewhere.

“We provide our clients with best-in-class technology, backed by best-in-class support.”

core values

Everything We Do Starts Here.

To create a best-in-class software, you need to have a best-in-class team.

To have a best-in-class team, you need a best-in-class foundation. This is our foundation.

Better Together

We work hard, work smart, and do all of this as a team. We do this as a team and approach the relationships with our clients the same way.

Be Curious

A great plan is only as good as the idea that came before it. We strive to ask the right questions to find, and create, the perfect solution.

Think Ahead

We ask the right questions in order to better understand your needs so that we spot and avoid potential pitfalls before they occur.


The staffing process has limitless room for innovation and creativity. We’ll continue to turn over every stone to create the perfect product.

Build it Right

We don’t cut corners. We stand by the claim that our products are built with pride, care, and attention to detail.

Go Above and Beyond

Our team knows that to stand out in this industry means doing it differently than others. That starts with doing the extra things, and doing them well.

About Us

Our Mission.

Make a Difference Daily

This is a core piece of who we are. It’s our mission to not only build products that make a positive impact in your facility, but to make a difference daily. We know that without this guiding light, we wouldn’t be where we are today. It’s crucial for our success and is a building block for the future.

Listen Intently, Develop Consistently

Client service isn’t about simply checking the box that you asked for. It’s about being a partner, a resource, and a problem-solver that you can trust. Part of what makes us different is our ability to ask the right questions and listen intently to the answers to see where we can find a solution.