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How Norman Regional Empowered Clinician Flexibility and Drove Down Costs with Trio Shifts

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Staffing shortages are not anything new to the healthcare industry. When a staffing shortage occurs, the quality of patient care suffers, and the costs go up to ensure schedules are covered. Across the country, healthcare systems are deploying alternate workforce solutions to address staffing demands and to contain costs, including using per diem clinicians. These clinicians can fill the schedule gaps that can develop when hospital staff is absent or there are spikes in inpatient censuses. To address these issues, Norman Regional Healthcare System (NRHS) embarked on a transformative journey with Trio Shifts to reduce staffing agency spending. This case study explores the workforce solution journey that NRHS took that helped to reduce staffing agency spending and help to keep the attrition rate low.

The Challenge

NRHS, like many healthcare institutions, faced several critical challenges:

  1. Staffing Shortages: Periodic shortages of qualified healthcare professionals stressed the existing workforce, jeopardizing patient care quality and staff well-being.

  2. Scheduling Complexities: Managing schedules for a diverse healthcare workforce across multiple facilities, including nurses, physicians, and support staff, proved labor-intensive and intricate.

  3. Regulatory Compliance: The organization needed to navigate strict labor regulations while ensuring staffing levels adhered to industry standards while maintaining quality patient care.

  4. Barriers to Efficient Communication: No platform existed to allow Norman Regional and its staff to communicate directly, leading to messy, disjointed messaging between Norman Regional, its agency partners, and its staff.

The Results of Trio Shifts

Delivered Cost Savings In Excess of


Doubled the size of cleared clinicians (float pool)

In less than

90 days

Reduced cancellation by


Reduced shifts cancelled < 4hrs by


Reduced Future Shifts unfilled by


Future shifts % filled exclude cancelled 48% to 98%

In less than

90 days

The Solution: Trio Shifts

NRHS recognized the potential of Trio Shifts as an additional workforce solution by using per diem clinicians to address these challenges. The organization initiated this program with a focus on the following key areas:

Efficient Scheduling

Trio Shifts provided a user-friendly platform to streamline per diem scheduling, enabling administrators to effortlessly create, manage, and communicate open shifts to staff.

Optimized Staffing Costs

By utilizing Trio Shifts' data-driven insights, NRHS ensured they placed the right clinician in the right role at the right price.

Compliance Management

The platform's automated compliance tracking and reporting supported the organization in maintaining labor law compliance and meeting accreditation standards.

Enhanced Communication

Real-time updates and notifications ensured that all staff members were well-informed about their shifts, reducing missed shifts and associated complications.

Bringing Real Value

The per diem program with the utilization of Trio Shifts delivered substantial positive outcomes for Norman Regional:

Improved Efficiency

Scheduling time decreased by 50%, allowing administrators to redirect their focus from administrative work to strategic tasks.

Cost Savings

The organization achieved a 15% reduction in labor expenses through optimized staffing levels and reduced overtime costs.

Enhanced Patient Care

Well-staffed shifts and reduced staff burnout led to a marked increase in the quality of patient care, resulting in higher patient satisfaction scores.

Compliance Adherence

The organization consistently met regulatory standards, avoiding penalties and legal challenges.

Increased Staff Satisfaction

Better communication and fair scheduling practices led to higher staff morale and decreased turnover rates.


The per diem program utilizing Trio Shifts highlights the transformative power of cutting- edge technology in optimizing healthcare workforce management. Trio Shifts has solidified its position as an invaluable tool for healthcare organizations navigating the ever-changing healthcare landscape by tackling staffing challenges, streamlining processes, and enhancing patient care.

The partnership between Trio Shifts and Norman Regional serves as a blueprint for how innovative technology can create positive change in healthcare workforce management, ultimately benefiting healthcare professionals and the patients they serve. With the successful onset of this program, Norman Regional is poised to continue their journey toward excellence in healthcare workforce management.

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