How Healthcare Leaders Can Maintain Bedside Coverage and Reduce Costs with Trio VMS

November 1, 2023

It is no secret that managing a top-heavy contingent workforce can be expensive, especially in today's healthcare environment. Uncontrolled labor costs, such as overtime and temporary staffing, can quickly add up to a large portion of your budget without proper oversight. With top-down pressure to cut costs in healthcare mounting, you can't afford gaps in visibility or bedside coverage. Today's healthcare leaders are truly in a difficult environment, and technology providers in the healthcare industry, such as Trio VMS (Vendor Management System), are providing cutting edge solutions to provide exactly what the doctor ordered: bedside coverage and visibility into the metrics around a contingent workforce.

Trio VMS allows healthcare leaders to take control of their contingent labor expenses by providing a centralized platform for managing all aspects of their external workforce management program. With Trio VMS, you can easily set up rules and processes for managing worker data, oversee compliance with federal and state regulations, monitor performance metrics and manage cost containment strategies. Additionally, it offers powerful analytics and reporting capabilities to help you better understand your staffing needs and make informed decisions to manage your contingent workforce.

By implementing our comprehensive VMS solution, healthcare leaders can reduce labor costs by streamlining their contingent labor management program and ensuring optimal utilization of their workforce. With Trio VMS, healthcare leaders can quickly find the right workers at the right price, gain real-time visibility into their labor costs, and free up valuable resources so they can focus on providing high-quality patient care.

Trio VMS offers a number of key features that make it the perfect solution for healthcare organizations looking to address their staffing issues and reduce costs. Healthcare leaders can use Trio VMS to quickly access qualified clinicians, streamline compliance processes, integrate with their existing systems (like Kronos, Paycom, Oracle, etc.), through a state-of-the-art Open API, gain insights into their labor data, and more. With Trio VMS, today’s generation of healthcare leaders have everything they need to effectively manage their external workforce program and ensure optimal results.

Overall, Trio VMS is an effective way for healthcare leaders to address staffing issues and reduce operating costs while still providing quality care to patients. Made available to healthcare systems across the country as a SaaS, Trio VMS is a single pane of glass that allows executive and manager visibility into key areas of opportunity within their workforce. With its intuitive interface, comprehensive features and powerful analytics capabilities, Trio VMS is the perfect tool for keeping your budget under control.

Try it out today and see the difference for yourself!

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